Let The Revolution Begin!

Last night, everything changed. After nearly two years, dozens of trips around the world, and countless hours of editing, Finger of God was shown to a group of over 300 people in my hometown church in Michigan. It was a diverse crowd made up of various faiths (and non-faiths), many of whom braved an ice storm to come see a movie that was featured in the local paper (see the article here).

This was my first chance to get a glimpse of how people would respond to the film, and afterwards, I was able to talk with a lot of people who attended, and the response was overwhelming to me. Many admitted they were in tears as soon as the film began, others told me how their life would probably never be the same again. I thought I was making a movie about the miraculous, but in the end, I now see that God has led me to make a film that shakes the very foundation of one’s faith.

Here are some example of the kinds of responses I received when the movie was finished:

  • “Paradigm shifting, worldview shattering! Makes me realize my own way of viewing and experiencing God must change.”
  • “My life will not be the same after viewing this film. Finger of God is a must see for every Christian.”
  • “The movie was amazing. It touched me in ways I never thought were possible. It was more motivational than anything I’ve ever seen.”
  • “It seemed like I was being filled and set afire.”
  • “WOW! It is truly all about love. After watching this movie, I felt faint in breath, wanting everyone to feel the Father’s touch in a special way.”
  • “This film is amazing. It shatters the paradigm of how “normal” Christians should be. I walked out with a sense of awe of God’s glory and with an attitude that says, “Yeah, we can do just what you did Jesus.”
  • “I SO needed to see this movie now. I want to be so surrounded by the reality of our great God that it drives all unbelief and disappointment from me. This movie has helped move mountains inside me. The path is opening for me to walk in greater faith. I thank you for going where I was unable to show me how much God loves me.”

And the comments just kept coming. I am humbled by the reaction this film is receiving, and I hope you can see it soon.

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