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What Is Legacy?

Legacy is a first of its kind, exclusive online creative community with one vision: to create content based on honest God questions in order to release freedom and breakthrough to the world. Our films have begun a Legacy and your annual subscription makes you part of the community that will continue it.

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Your Current Projects

By joining now, you will be a part of shaping and bringing these projects to life. You’ll also help us decide which projects to pursue in the future.

Adventures with God

This is a television show that not only reimagines all of the adventures we’ve had over the last 10 years, but asks bold, provocative questions about God and faith in the process. AWG will consist of 2 seasons and 40 episodes total.

God Man

This is a film that will seek to answer the question: is Jesus a liar, a lunatic, or Lord? We will travel to the ends of the earth to discover the true nature and divinity of Jesus Christ. Projected start date for this film will be 2017.

By joining Legacy, you will play a major part in making these projects come to life, but even more than that, you will be invited to come along for the ride for all of it. We’ll be bringing you loads of behind-the-scenes content, much of it in real time, so you can be a part of the creation of films and television shows in a very real, exciting way.

Your Legacy

We ask honest God questions because we want to deepen and widen our friendships with God alongside you. He is infinite and we will never be finished exploring the depths. Join us and help to create a Legacy of honesty, vulnerability, and humility that will leave a trail for generations to come.

Your Exclusive Access

You’ll be the first to see what God is doing as we film around the globe. No one will have access like Legacy Members to speak into what we explore & create. You’ll receive a DVD of every new feature film and TV series before it’s released, and if there is a Deluxe Edition, you’ll get that too with your subscription. We’ll ship each one straight to your front door.

Your Digital Library

As a Legacy member, you’ll have access to all of our past films and future content. On top of that, you’ll be plugged into our exclusive updates, video blogs, teachings, behind the scenes footage, feature films, specials and every other new thing we create together. This will be available for you to see on your tablet, smartphone, computer, and TV with Roku, Chromecast or Apple AirPlay.


100% of your donation goes towards helping us make great new content that is changing the world. Help us spread God’s kingdom around the globe through media, and join our exclusive online community while you’re at it!

Your annual subscription fee will only be used for creating new content. Content that you will help create, and receive first.

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