Darren Wilson

  • Founder
  • | Director
  • | Producer
  • | Writer
  • | Editor
  • | Production Coordinator

Darren founded Wanderlust Productions in 2006 when he started stumbling through his first feature film, Finger of God. Later, he decided to surround himself with people who were more talented than him to help create his next features, Furious Love and Father of Lights, but of course he takes all the credit for their great work. Since then, Darren has created The Greatest Fight, with UFC/WWF superstar Ken Shamrock, and the two films Holy Ghost (2014) & Holy Ghost: Reborn (2015). Darren’s job description includes creating the stories, speaking and showing off the films, doing lots of interviews, planning all the shoots, and schmoozing with awesome people around the world. Darren taught for 10 years at Judson University before moving into production full time, and he is currently the Artist-in-Residence at Judson. Charisma Magazine recently named him one of the “21 Emerging Leaders of Tomorrow’s Church”, and DeVon Franklin, VP of Production at Columbia Pictures calls him “one of the most innovative filmmakers and authors of faith today.” He has a wonderful and long-suffering wife, Jenell, and three wonderful children, Serenity, Stryder, and River. He also has two cats (meh) and the best dogs in the world, Moses and Maui.

Braden Heckman

  • CEO
  • | Producer
  • | CFO
  • | CMO

Braden has humble beginnings as a student in Darren’s video classes at Judson University. Once Finger of God was released, Darren contracted him to “fix all the mistakes.” He was also involved in just about every aspect of Furious Love, not excluding filming while sitting amongst cockroaches in Bangkok. He started full time in January 2010 and now runs the company as CEO. To his surprise, he has developed a passion for all things business and just recently successfully completed his MBA at the University of Chicago. Braden likes to look at the big picture and the long term and has big dreams for Wanderlust as a company. He happily lives with his gorgeous wife and yellow lab, Luke. Oh, and he loves to receive packages via UPS (especially if there are gadgets within).

Brittney Banks

  • Studio Manager
  • | Event Production Manager
  • | Sales Manager
  • | Sales Rep

Brittney started with Wanderlust Productions in May of 2008. She thought she would be able to find her way away from Darren Wilson, after 4 strenuous years of having him as her professor at Judson University; however, such luck did not befall her. Less than a week after graduation she started working for Darren simply shipping DVDs and answering emails. Now, two and a half years down the road, she has moved up the rank to her official title as Studio Manager & Assistant to Darren Wilson. If you can think of a task that a movie production studio would have, she does it. This frequently includes the phrase “I’ll take care of it.” The one thing that isn’t necessarily written into her job description is her task of attempting to manage a group of three men who are…well, let’s just say interesting. Movies and music are pretty much her thing…the likes of which include, but are not limited to The Godfather (yes, all three of them), Martin Scorsese films, Frank Sinatra and MuteMath. She resides in Elgin, IL only a walk away from her office (yes she is just that committed to the job).

Caitlyn Neel

  • Customer Experience Manager
  • | Post-Production Manager
  • | Inventory Manager

While a student at Judson University with Darren as her professor, Caitlyn started working at Wanderlust Productions sifting through endless hours of footage for Furious Love. After graduating with a degree in Youth Ministry and Media Studies, Caitlyn decided to stay on the team because she loved seeing God transform lives all over the world with his love. Caitlyn has recently married a brilliant engineer who she met from serving together in the high school ministry at their church. They are both passionate about working with youth, leading mission trips, and being a part of what God’s doing. She is also trying to convince her husband that they should get a puppy.

Josiah Lenz

  • Graphic Designer
  • | Webmaster
  • | Online Marketing Director
  • | IT Specialist

Josiah joined the Wanderlust team in February of 2013. Bringing his graphic and web design experience, he desires to bring a unique spin to an already creative team. Josiah is passionate about design, music, and God. He loves the creative process of an idea becoming reality, but nothing, however, excites Josiah more than when others encounter the love of God. He enjoys summertime cookouts with friends. Some of his other favorites include Tom & Eddie’s, Band of Brothers, Joe Satriani, Blackmill, and Bethel Music. Josiah and his beautiful wife Abbi have been married for over 10 years. They have three children, Isaiah (the engineer), Gabriel (the passionate), and Naphtali (the firecracker). Also, the black bear is best.

The spirit of Wanderlust captured in photographic form by Robb Davidson.