If people are lost souls in need of salvation, then your main goal will be to get them saved. If they are lost children in need of a Father, then your main goal will be to get them reconnected to the Father (which can only happen through Jesus Christ).

I’m not quite sure how the correlation between expecting God to move and Him actually moving works, but it’s definitely, like, a thing.

It was a beautiful picture of a child who was so in love with his Father that any chance he had to tell someone about Him and what He had done was worth whatever price he had to pay to do it.

God gave him two. A double portion. It was a lesson in the Father’s heart that He doesn’t play favorites, and your performance doesn’t affect His love for you.

Grace is a gift freely given, but it is not something that comes easy. Especially to those who don’t feel worthy of it, which, in the end, is really all of us.

What kind of war was raging around that young man that day, I’ll probably never know. But the result of the war was yet another victory for the King of glory, who fought hard with love to win the heart of one of his children. There may have been others who were critical and didn’t have eyes to see that day, but for one man at least, there was a reunion with a Father he never knew he had.

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